How do I order my Reform kitchen?

When we’ve established your preliminary wishes through email or over the phone, we’ll ask you to join us in a meeting. Depending on your time and preferences, we can have an online conversation or a physical meeting in one of our showrooms. During the meeting, we’ll map out your needs and present you with two options: the complete Reform solution featuring Reform design with the Reform Kitchen Cabinet System or the IKEA solution featuring IKEA’s internal basis elements with Reform’s external kitchen design. When you’ve chosen your solution, we’ll produce the quote. If all your questions have been answered, we’ll send you the confirmation order. The order will be initiated as soon as the payment has been processed. Delivery time varies — we’ll provide you with the lead time when you order.


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Why should I choose the complete Reform solution?

Our modern, patented and durable cabinet system has been produced specifically for our designs. In other words, our cabinets make up a high-quality internal foundation that’s carefully tailored to Reform’s award-winning external design. Adding to that, they’re easily assembled without the need for tools or screws, the assembly process is much faster and more cost-effective than it’s the case with IKEA’s cabinets, you get a more stable cabinet compared to other kitchen brands — and it goes without saying that our cabinet system fits perfectly with Reform’s drawers, which are manufactured using the same high-quality production methods.


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What does the process look like if I choose the IKEA solution?

IKEA plan and draw the kitchen for you. However, you can order the internal basis elements at the same time — or even after — you order our external kitchen design. The process will be tailored to your needs. In any case, we will guide you through the process. Generally speaking, you order all your cabinets, hinges, and other basis elements at IKEA. We take care of the Reform side of things while IKEA will manage the IKEA part of your kitchen.


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Do you provide a complete solution that includes measurement and installation?

We don’t include a measuring service with the order. Before buying your kitchen we strongly recommend you to get your room measured to make sure that all details are taken into account. The measuring service costs 150€ and needs to be done before we can finalize the planning. Once the kitchen is mounted, we recommend a second measuring appointment to determine the perfect measurements of the countertop. Depending on the type of worktop you choose, this will be done by the manufacturer of the countertop, the installer or a professional measuring service.

Can I install the Reform solution with your cabinets myself?

Yes, you can. You will need an electrician and a plumber for connecting appliances and water and we generally always recommend professional installation, but you can also do it yourself.


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How do I install your cabinet system?

The Reform cabinets are assembled through an innovative, user-friendly clicking-system that offers easy assembly without the need for tools or screws. It’s straightforward and uncomplicated. 


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What is the delivery time?

The lead time may vary from design to design, and which region the order should be delivered to. We will inform you about your specific lead time once you've chosen a design and deliver to your doorstep. You’ll be informed about the current lead time on your chosen design when you place your order. As our products are handmade and made to order, we can only provide a timeframe without exact date of delivery in the beginning. But rest assured that our dedicated team will provide you will all the relevant information every step of the way.


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Do you sell countertops?

Yes. The architects and designers behind our kitchens have curated a selection of colors and materials, which they recommend for their specific design. We also offer a range of countertops that you can choose between and create your own unique design.


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Can I pick up the order myself and save money on delivery costs?

We don’t provide personal delivery pick-up. Our orders are produced in Northern Europe and they have to be shipped to your country either way. That’s why the final address doesn’t play a role in our delivery pricing.

Do you have a showroom where I can see your products?

We currently have Reform showrooms in Denmark, the US, and Germany—with more on the way. Please drop by and pay us a visit if you’re in the area.


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Do you make fronts for bathroom and wardrobe?

Absolutely. Aside from the METOD kitchen systems, we can also provide you with fronts for your PAX wardrobe and GODMORGON bathroom vanities. The process mirrors the kitchen system process regarding measuring and selecting the cabinet fronts as well as ordering and mounting. Our fronts come in all standard IKEA measurements.


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Can I order a sample?

Yes, you can order a selection of samples online. You can order a big sample from certain designs and add color cards, which will help you in your decision regarding the final color you're going to choose. We will send you the sample as soon as we have registered your order.


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What’s your return policy?

We pride ourselves on producing thorough, customized plans prior to placing your order to make sure you love the final design. We go through a carefully considered design process and our products are made to order. Due to this, we cannot accept returns or cancellations. We pride ourselves on our work and in the event there are any mistakes made on our part, we will make them right.


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Is there warranty on Reform products?

We offer warranty on all Reform products. The duration of the warranty depends on the type of product.


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